Leslie Martin - Nightingale

Leslie has had a wide-ranging career including Opera, Musical Theatre, Community events and corporate performances. She loves to sing and she would love to sing for you too. Click here to contact Leslie.
If you are interested in reading Leslie’s Curriculum vitae, please click here but I warn you, there’s a lot in it!
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A Summary

Opera Queensland

Opera Australia

Vavachi Entertainment

Nostalgia Productions

West End Theatre Management

Queensland Conservatorium

Queensland Conservatorium

Queensland Conservatorium

Sydney Conservatorium                                      Australian Academy of Music Theatre, Cynthia

I love Richard Strauss so Rosenkavalier is hard to beat

Yoga, Swimming                                                 The Princess Bride

Fell in love with Lucca in Italy                               1. I Dreamed a Dream  

                                                                          2. O mio babbino caro

                                                                          3. Cycling Queens (aka Dancing Queen)

loads of experience

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July 16, 2010: Die Südostschweiz

“As a small Woodland-stage-miracle Leslie Martin outshone the ensemble in the role of Norina. This well-prepared soprano shone in pulling out all the stops of her skill and made up for much of the evening........” 

Click to read the actual review (in german) or the translation.About_Leslie_files/Reviews%20in%20colour.pdfAbout_Leslie_files/Norina%20Review%20Translations.pdfshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1